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by Baltes & Zäyn

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The title of BALTES & ZÄYN’S upcoming BLUE SUNSET album speaks for itself: APOCALYPTECH, a sinister-sounding portmanteau word blending 'apocalypse' and 'tech'. It stems from a superb video from the Kyle Hill YouTube science channel about the perils of 'gray goo', a hypothetical scenario of global catastrophe, in which out-of-control, nanotechnological, self-replicating machines consume all the biomass on Earth to replicate themselves, reducing everything to grey goo. In terms of the Neon Genesis: Evangelion mythos, APOCALYPTECH features the world-ending technology of the malevolent Human Instrumentality Project, which melds all humanity into a non-sentient, god-like being – in the form of a world-spanning, blood-red ocean.

The song, as a production, in its lyrics, and in the performances of the vocalists (singer Alicia has her first cameo) and guest musicians, is a daring, kaleidoscopic feat of legerdemain deftly juggling the themes, story lines, moods, characters and powerful imagery of Evangelion.

As part two of the first BALTES & ZÄYN single, GODSHATTER (No. 7, its highest position in the DAC German alternative charts), APOCALYPTECH delves deeper into the intricacies of the tragic, apocalyptic family drama of abusive father Gendo Ikari, who, so obsessed with reuniting with his dead wife, Yui, sacrifices all humanity and his only son to achieve godhead, destroying mankind in the process. Loveless and unfeeling, Gendo constantly puts his son, Shinji’s, life at risk by dangling his approval to manipulate Shinji into manning a gigantic Evangelion shell to battle the monstrous Angels threatening his designs. Unforeseen circumstances put Shinji in a position to decide the execution of the Human Instrumentality project. From a place of utter dejection and for lack of self-worth, Shinji reflexively decides to end Mankind. The song ends with him as the last human being alive, in heart-rending isolation, lord of all he surveys but spiritually shattered, inhabiting an inverted pyramid above a limitless blood-red ocean, that used to be the human race. To be continued…

Banzai Apocalyptech! – the grand design for the transcendence of mankind
Apocalyptech! – will transition mankind into one luminous godlike mind
Apocalyptech! – will fuse our souls into one entity, mindless and sublime


released September 9, 2022


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Echozone Cologne, Germany

ECHOZONE is a music label for independent music and covers a wide range of styles between electronic, ambient, gothic, wave to rock and metal influences. The label was founded in 2005 and is a division of BOB-MEDIA company. ECHOZONE offers label management, marketing, promotion, distribution and in combination with BOB-MEDIA's licensing, publishing, booking and video production departments. ... more

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